St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

Prayers For...

Rose Ronda(my grandmother)
,Denise F. may she get back to 100% health, Maureen Drietline may she come home safe always to us, and may God give her the strength to survive while she does any mission as a Coast Guard, and any others I have not mentioned here that are in our thoughts and prayers.
Please keep our service men and woman who are presently serving our country in our thoughts and daily prayers. We pray that they may be protected and that their efforts to secure peace and justice may meet success and their safe return home to us.

Rest In Peace. May we always keep in our thoughts always....

Jeannine Marie Ronda Brown, Ginger Ronda, Edgar Ronda, Mazi and her daughter, Larry Brown, Carlada Brown, and anyone else whom I did not/can not name.

May we always remember those closest to our hearts and keep them in our prayers as they travel beyond this world of existence.