Thursday, March 18, 2010

11 year old boy

Boy left dying in school corridor by teacher

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Iraq Woman

I recently heard on the news about the woman in Iraq. Now I already knew this to be true, learning about this in High School. I watched and learned more, you can never learn too much because there is always room to learn more.

Now these woman in Iraq are suffering from being a bused by the males in thir lives, especially their husbands. They are forced to marry at a young age even sometimes, such as 10 yrs old. One girl (name unknown to me at this time) had her nose and ears cut off by a knife that her "husband" had, while being held down by her brothers. While nearly dying she managed to get away. She was rejected by her father/Uncle and forced to continue on. Until she eventually did find help. An american soldier (female) helped her and got her taken care of by the aid of the US (navy/army). She survived, as of right now she still has the holes and marks from that horrible incident. She is going to be getting help to reconstruct her nose and ears and is coming to America. So things are looking bright for her. But there are still others who are afraid to come out and speak whom are abused everyday and even die.

Please be aware. And if you are someone who is being abused or know someone who is, please don't sit back and let it happen. Speak up and tell the proper authority, and if you are living somewhere, were this is not possible speak out to an organization like she did and you will get help I promise you. Never let someone control you PERIOD!!


Honestly the big thing that made me make this was a case I heard about. He is a 14 month old
boy with a Malignant Brain Tumor. Well my heart just cried when I heard about him, in fact my
heart still cries for him. So I want everyone to know that I and many others are praying for him.
His name is Asher.

I am following his story and grandmother on Twitter. Please help, keep him in your thoughts and

Blog for him, made by his grandmother:

bkokc00: grandmother on twitter. Most of the updates she posts here.

Thank you.